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RELAX THAT STOMACH: First ever training program focused on releasing tensions from the digestive tract for horses!

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Corey, New Zealand: "Wasn't able to watch live due to time difference and am only now starting to watch the third hour, but anyone who complains about the high cost of your course simply has NO CONCEPT of what they would be receiving. Where on EARTH could I have purchased a lesson with invaluable information and instructions and brilliant presentation that will last me a lifetime and impact my horse's health and life permanently for the kind of money? Absolutely amazing clinic, Anna. AND I'M ONLY AT THE BEGINNING!"

Relax That Stomach Course is a true MUST HAVE for all horse owners

  • Do you know that you can change the body shape, training attitude, facial expressions, and even reach and fluidity of your horse's steps just by releasing tensions from his stomach?
  • Do you know that biting, nipping, irritation without the reason, and even sudden unjustified spookiness are signs of tensions of the smooth muscles of stomach and intestines? 
  • Do you know that you can change social relationships of your horse and his herd interactions with other horses, by teaching him how to choose Relaxation over Tension in food context (sharing hay, meal times)?
  • Do you know that the technique which I offer to you is so powerful that it can even change the amount of food your horse eats every day?

During this Course I will share THREE POWERFUL TECHNIQUES to teach horses dogs and humans how to consciously relax stomach at RESTRICTIONS (presence/absence) OF FOOD that are happened to be the ground-breaking practices for my students from all over the world.

Read my story:

➡️ https://onehorselife.com/how-not-what/ 

During Relax That Stomach Course you will learn:

  • What are smooth muscle tensions, and what is their source,
  • What are residual tensions and why so many people and horses stay tensed, and collect the tensions throughout the day,
  • What are Relaxation Signs and how they differ from Calming Signals,
  • What is the real POWER behind the power section of the body (abdomen) and why flexing your muscles won't bring you any power,
  • Why does the stomach tense up and when does it usually happen,
  • What are the signs of a tensed stomach in horses,
  • How to teach your horse to consciously release stomach tensions through a very simple procedure that can be performed as an act of the will,
  • How and why your horse is going to transfer these skills onto the pasture and his herd life with other horses.

Some horses cannot relax alone, they need human help

All horses have the natural ability to relax. We call it spontaneous relaxation. You can see them relax on the pasture, while taking a nap, scratching and socializing with one another in a relaxed manner. However, this doesn’t mean that relaxation that you see is a conscious process, and a conscious choice.

Some horses are less tensed, and therefore more sensitive to feeling and seeking the moments of relaxation. For these horses it's easier to connect the cause (what they did) with the effect (sensation of relaxation, better mood, being able to interact better with other horses). For other horses who are naturally, or due to some trauma, or accident, more tensed — just like for some people — accessing relaxation is a more difficult process, often uneasy, complicated, unintuitive and unclear. 

These are the horses who struggle the most, and show most tension-based behaviors. These are the horses who pull out the faces, react to anything and everything by tensing up. These are the horses who don't eat, or eat too much, who "go nuts" over a carrot and in the presence of food cannot focus at all. These are the horses who are suffering from laminitis, ulcers and colics, and who gain weight just by "looking at food". 

Training and taking care of such horses is complicated, because the regular training techniques of teaching behaviors are built in such a way that while teaching behaviors, they reinforce and prolong the state of the tension in which the animal is. 

Trapped in this vicious circle, the horse is changing ways in which he communicates his tensions, but his body stays still tensed. This transfers the problem deeper and deeper, causing gastric problems, problems with weight maintenance, dermatological problems, chronic inflammation in the body, laminitis, problems related to the use and assimilation of feed, training and behavior problems...

10 MOST COMMON SIGNS of that your horse suffers from smooth muscle tensions:

➡️ overeating: the horse is crazy about the food, he can eat non-stop and can even skip drinking in favor of eating,

➡️ irritation without a reason, "angry" look on the face, pulling out the faces even if trained using positive reinforcement and a lot of calmness,

➡️ sudden unjustified spookiness,

➡️ restricted reach of the limbs (the horse doesn't move fluidly and it feels as if his legs were tied),

➡️ unable to work through the back (a very common question asked to horse body therapists by horse owners: I work my horse every day but he doesn't grow his back muscles, why? My answer would be: a tensed stomach).

➡️ horse is prone to ulcers, colics, sensitivity of the digestive tract,

➡️ horse shows tricks with anger (so called "angry/stomping" Spanish walk,

➡️ lack of lightness in the gaits, heaviness, the trainer feels as if he has to "push the horse forward" with every step,

➡️ horse doesn’t like to be cuddled, escapes affection, feels distant,

➡️ biting fences, and stable walls, in more serious cases: biting oneself (horse bits his sides, his leg, other horses).

Read about experiences of others:

Michelle, the Netherlands: "My horses changed their eating patterns! They look better and they also doubled the time they finish a big hay roll (around 400kg). Before they needed about 1,5 week, but now they need more then 4 weeks!"

Wendy, the Netherlands: "Dear Anna Marciniak, like I told you Sam's behavior towards the food has really changed. We have a paddock paradise system with 24/7 hay: Sam was most of the time eating. After some weeks OPP his food patterns are changing not only with the bucket with food [on which we have been practicing]: in the paddock Sam is eating less, and he is even standing with his buttocks to the hay, see foto below!!! 😂 Other horses say to him: "If you don't eat please go away", but he is looking with his calm look at them and says: "I am standing fine here". He is playing a lot with other horses, and he is more standing still and relaxing and doing nothing [than just eating].I like what I see, but thats not all! Because his mare (girlfriend) which is always close to him is also changing her patterns and showing more calmness (deals with separation anxiety better)."

Barbara, Belgium: "Ultima and Valea eating hay quite close... I think it is the first time I see that ! Until now, Ultima (the chestnut) was too scared of Valea and Valea was too dominant about food to allow Ultima to eat close to her. I am so happy to observe that something is changing!!!"

Yolaine, Canada: "It was a GREAT clinic Anna! Thank you so much!! I woke up at 4 am to watch it live and I enjoyed every minute of it. So much informations and great exercises. I did try the preparation exercise with my horse after the clinic and I think it went well. 😍 I will keep you posted with my progress and questions. Take care!!!"

Solveig: "I did martial art for more 20 years and nobody was able to teach me the functions of the power section with so much clarity ! Thank you Anna!"

Corey, New Zealand: "Wasn't able to watch live due to time difference and am only now starting to watch the third hour, but anyone who complains about the high cost of your course simply has NO CONCEPT of what they would be receiving. This clinic cost $335 NZD, about $55 NZD/hr. Where on EARTH could I have purchased a lesson with invaluable information and instructions and brilliant presentation that will last me a lifetime and impact my horse's health and life permanently for the kind of money? Absolutely amazing clinic, Anna. AND I'M ONLY AT THE BEGINNING!"

"Hi Anna, thank you very much for the clinic yesterday - it was very interesting and full of information!"

Lise, Ireland: "Anna, you have outdone yourself once again. What you are offering to us, is basically a weekend online learning clinic.!!! I was expecting maybe 2-3 hours of material, but I am overwhelmed and delighted and so happy to be able to follow you. The information is very well put together. Residual tension is having a whole New meaning for me, and how you describe really helps me understand how important it is to do less. I have felt waves where I was able to really feel how smooth and effortless Life was and also, even recently where every part of me feels tight, and more eager to tense than Relax."

Angie: "Hi Anna, firstly thank you so much for such a comprehensive presentation 😊 I have finished going through the four part theory videos and have spent some time reflecting on the information. I have some questions I’d like to ask but for clarity I will break them up into separate posts to make it more straight forward for you to answer hopefully."

Michelle, the Netherlands: "Dear Anna, I just have to tell you how Amazing you are! ❤️ It was such a priceless Clinic yesterday! You are doing such a great job! I learned heaps of new information! It all makes sense now why there are many stomach issues. The ball and apple was a really good example! I can't describe how glad I am that I started your classes! ✨ I'm so looking forward to start with the PRO OPP. I feel this is my path. Thank you Anna!!"

Kathleen, Scotland: "Totally agree with the others Anna. Have only watched the first two sessions so far, and the information, guidance and presentation is just so professionally and well presented. Your years of dedication and commitment is remarkable.I am so happy to be started on the OPP Path, and the timing of this clinic is like the icing on the cake. To me, it so lovely that we always have these Spotlight Clinics and no matter which stage we are at, it is always possible to revisit them and find more and more little nuggets of information previously missed or perhaps seen with a different level of understanding. I am so enjoying exactly where I am at with my herd at the moment, totally amazed at the transformations that are subtlety unfolding for both my girls and myself"

Wanda, Canada: "Thanks for this clarification Anna! [about replacing behaviours] I love this distinction, and the distinction between relaxation signs and calming signals. Brilliant work, brilliant clinic! I'm looking forward to drinking this clinic in from start to finish!!!! Fabulous work!"

"It definitely was an amazing clinic Anna Marciniak!! I did the relaxation technique on food just a second ago and its really mind blowing what I felt in my stomach. Thank you so much ❤️"

SPOTLIGHT CLINIC grants you a LIFE TIME access to all study materials

You will be able to play, and re-watch all materials of this SpotLight Clinic as many times as you wish. For your comfort they are divided into easily digestible chunks: Theory Lecture comes in 4 videos, and the Practical videos are divided separately for DOGS and HORSES and divided into chapters.

You are able to download all Practical videos and for your comfort all information from the Theory Lecture is summed up in an eBook which you can easily download to your mobile and keep with you even at the stables!

SpotLight Clinic with Anna: RELAX THAT STOMACH

  • 5h of THEORY LECTURE: Anna speaks, draws, answers questions asked live during the lecture, and explains for you the subject of Stomach Tensions in detail. During this presentation you will learn about conscious and unconscious relaxations, relaxation signs versus calming signals and residual tensions, you will discover why relaxation of internal organs is so important and why they cause so much problems, when they are tensed. You will learn what visceral pain is and how it manifests in horses,
  • 3 WORKING TECHNIQUES to release smooth and skeletal muscle tensions from your horse, dog and yourself,
  • 1,5h VIDEO TUTORIAL with exercises, and practice with horses and dogs,
  • 59 pages eBook with summary of all information shared during the Clinic for the comfort of your use, learning and coming back to information,
  • CONSULTATION with ANNA: Possibility to ask questions about your horse, and case in relation to the subject of the SpotLight Clinic,
  • Lifetime unlimited access to video and written materials.

Price: 255 Euro

Price excludes VAT

Write to me:

Contact Anna at anna@onehorselife.com shall you have any further questions regarding the upcoming SpotLight Clinic!

I want this!

You will get:

3 WORKING TECHNIQUES of Conscious STOMACH Relaxation for Horses, Humans & Dogs
1,5h of PRACTICAL VIDEO GUIDANCE: sessions with horses and dogs
eBook STOMACH RELEASE, 59 pages
CONSULTATION of your case with Anna
Possibility to ask questions about the material presented
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RELAX THAT STOMACH: First ever training program focused on releasing tensions from the digestive tract for horses!

6 ratings
I want this!