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4 PURE-MEANING Techniques

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We all seek purpose and meaning in life. 

Many times we feel that something is missing. What we do is intelligent and eloquent, yet in a longer perspective feels meaningless, and make our actions empty and disempowered. 

People seek a change, they choose another training technique, and start to follow another trainer, maybe even sell their old horse and buy a new one... And they hope it will bring the deeper meaning to their life.

In reality, every action has a meaning, and everything that we do has a meaning. 

We do not always know what is the meaning of what we do, and our actions do not always have THE MEANING that we would want them to have. We believe that it's enough to JUST DO THINGS, and that their deeper meaning will appear or start to manifest itself with time, or even independently from what we do.

(for example: we all seek relaxation and ultimate ease, yet so often training techniques which we choose promise that these qualities will come with time, and are not necessary)

We all seek universal values that are common and shared by the wholeness of humanity, like: respect, openness, gratitude, sharing. 

The same values we want to promote in our life with horses:

Deeply inside we want to express these values during our trainings with horses, and horse riding. Many people are buying their first horse to seek these values and to cultivate these values in their lives: innocence, openness, happiness, sharing, becoming grateful, respected and respectful.

Horse training becomes something technical, where we look for correctness of aids and techniques, expression of the horse, strength and straightness of his body, obedience, leadership, etc. 

On the other hand, we expect from our horse to express the same values: we want the horse to be open, respectful, grateful, and eager to share.These values exist, no matter what we do with horses, but we can access them only through the meaning.

Every moment during horse training HAS A MEANING

When someone is riding their horse, and is not expressing gratitude, this person can think that they are not expressing anything... but in fact they do express something: UNGRATEFULNESS.In nature there is no empty spaces. If you are not expressing gratitude, you are not expressing lack of it, there is no empty space. You express ungratefulness. 

The same works for other values like: openness, respect, and sharing.

Many people believe that horse riding can take place solely in the technical sphere of correct riding techniques and their application through the correctness of the aids, and angles.

It's very understandable that people don't think about the values during horse riding. It's because people don't have tools to implement these values during riding their horses.

We believe that people have values, such as morality and consciousness and that their actions will be agreed with their internal moral construction. In practice, people many times do things that they tend to regret later on. Some people can think that they is full of gratitude to their horses, but in practice they lack tools to express it during their trainings. 

Sometimes people try to awaken values which are close to them through thoughts or very strong emotions.

Unfortunately, this attitude cannot work because the CORE VALUES, such as: gratitude, respect, openness and sharing lie in the base of our existence and CANNOT BE SHAPED BY THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS.

Human mind is extremely flexible and allows believing in two contradictory things at the same time. Therefore building values cannot base on thoughts or emotions, it must be rooted in the actions we take.When looking at the trainings of other people, many times I see that the thing that lacks them is not an even better technique, an even better seat or even better knowledge about biomechanics, but the VALUES: openness, respect, gratitude and sharing. 

I see how far these people could get, and how quickly their situation with their horses could change, if only they could express these FOUR CORE VALUES through their trainings with their horses.

Many times people speak about it and they try to help one another, but they lack tools and common language to express what they mean. You cannot disconnect horse training from the values:

  • If you lack respect you won't build respect in your horse,
  • If you lack gratitude your horse will not want to offer you anything,
  • If deeply inside you are scared, you will not have a brave horse,
  • If you lack openness, you will not crack your shut down horse open. 

Later, we see a rider who does everything "correctly", but in separation from his horse. The rider does something, his horse does something -- but they are not doing anything together. Such a situation is not brining any value to the horse, nor to the rider.

One cannot teach others about values.

But one can support others to enliven these four core values in their lives. We all know what are core values of humanity, because we all seek them tirelessly. Everyone wants their life to have a meaning and be meaningful.

When you awaken in yourself the CORE VALUES OF LIFE: respect, openness, gratitude and sharing -- your Life won't be any longer supported on unstable fundament of thoughts and emotions. You no longer will be scared about the future. You will set roots in something more stable than eternity, and you will connect with it's source, and take your strength directly from there.


During this course I am going to share with you MY 4 PURE-MEANING TECHNIQUES, which I do before every training with my horses in order to connect with the 4 VALUES OF LIFE.

This is a very simple set of 4 techniques. I do them in private, silently and humbly before my trainings with my horses. Doing these techniques takes about 4 minutes. I use them everyday to enliven in me the 4 VALUES OF LIFE.

Connecting with these VALUES through my 4 PURE MEANING TECHNIQUES allows all my future actions to be guided through these values.

It's the right time for us to come back to VALUES.

EQUESTRIAN WORLD should think what values it shares with the non-equestrian world, and if the world needs our values?

Other people are watching our trainings and time we spend with horses, they don't understand or grasp all the technical aspects of what we do, but they can realise (or not), and share our values.It's very good to be mindful what values we show and share with the world. 

We stand now in front of a very important shift. Very soon the world will ask if it needs equitation, and horse sports anymore. It's very probable that these disciplines can disappear from the Olympics in few decades time.What do we, equestrians, give back to the world?

  • What is the MEANING of training horses?
  • Are horses trained only for that other horse enthusiasts buy them?
  • Are horses only the currency?
  • Which values do we THINK we share with the world, and which values do we really share?

People do yoga, meditation, they climb highest mountains, they buy expensive horses, train them to the highest possible level, they do BodyMarc -- because they want to grow, they want to LOOK FOR THE MEANING and FIND IT. They want to find the deepest possible meaning in their Life.

Every action has a MEANING.

When action LACKS CONNECTION WITH IT'S MEANING, it doesn't provide possibility for the actor to enrich his Life this meaning. If you practice YOGA, and you are not expressing gratefulness, then you are enlivening UNGRATEFULNESS in your Life.


When you ask someone: "Does your life have a meaning?" - usually people answer: "Yes, of course it has!", or "Errm...I don't honestly know, but I hope so!".

But where this purpose is, if the things we do is deprived of this purpose?

If you take the most important spheres of your Life like: personal growth, yoga, horse riding and you resign from enlivening meaning in these actions, taking satisfaction only from the techniques you have -- HOW CAN YOU BUILD THE MEANING IN YOUR LIFE?

On one hand, we believe that the most important things is gratitude and openness, but on the other hand the only thing we look for is correctness of the angles, and perfection of the execution of the exercises.

LACK GRATITUDE doesn't mean emptiness in the space of gratitude, it means ungratefulness. 

For example: if you do a canter pirouette, and there is no gratitude in the rider but sole orientation towards correctness and training, this canter pirouette will be promoting ungratefulness in the training of the horse.

If you do Yoga, and you don't respect yourself, your body and others in your asana, your Yoga will be expression of disrespect.

4 PURE MEANING TECHNIQUES are meant to enliven your connection with the 4 CORE VALUES OF LIFE

During this course I am going to share with you MY 4 PURE-MEANING TECHNIQUES, which I do before every training with my horses in order to connect with the 4 VALUES OF LIFE.

This is a very simple set of 4 techniques. It doesn’t take me more than 4 minutes to do these techniques. I do them in private, in silence and in humbleness before my trainings with my horses to enliven in me the 4 VALUES OF LIFE.

Connecting with these VALUES through my 4 PURE-MEANING TECHNIQUES allows all my future actions to be guided by these values, and to preserve these values in my life and practice with horses. I strongly believe that when we are not mindful about what we are expressing, there is a risk that we can be expressing something different to what we would want. These 4 PURE-MEANING TECHNIQUES allow me to stay connected with the values I really want to express in my Life, and really see how they are expressed and enlivened through everything I do with horses, and in my personal Life.

I take all my strength and being grounded from practicing these techniques. I see that my actions are not random anymore. I see that I don’t relay on the thoughts, opinions or others, or emotions I may feel, when taking actions. This gives me this tremendous power of keeping my actions pure, on the point and extremely powerful.


  • is meant to enliven your connection with the 4 CORE VALUES OF LIFE
  • Starting date: 22nd JUNE 2019.
  • is a Self-Study video-guidance course, with techniques presented in photos and video materials, and short 10-minute lectures about each technique, it’s application, importance, and how will it affect your life.
  • I will help you to define your blocked areas of horsemanship, and how to open them to stay connected and grounded no matter what is happening around you, and to you, and your horse.
  • You don't have to be a horse owner, or have a horse in your life in order to be able to practice these techniques. 
  • The 4 PURE-MEANING Techniques are meant to enrich You and to guide you to discover and connect with the 4 Core Values in your Life independently of who you are, what you do, and what you have access to (horses, training opportunities) currently in your Life.
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4 PURE-MEANING Techniques

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