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Optimal Performance Program is a science-based set of techniques of Conscious Muscle Relaxation at different stimuli, and situations developed especially for horses. It's a Breakthrough in Training 4-legged Athletes.

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OneHorseLife KIDS

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OneHorseLife KIDS:

You can be the smallest, but when your heart is BIG you are the GREATEST 💪🏼❤️✨

OneHorseLife KIDS is something that I had in my mind since years... It all started with meeting Olimpia & Lusia, the youngest OHL students who were only 2yo when they started their journey on the back of our horses - Wiwien and Furious Dancer. Observing them having their moments of joy and doubt, happiness and tears, seeing them growing and facing the sweet challenges that their Life has put in front of them, such as kindergarten, the birth of their little brother, attending dance and gymnastics classes, and then going to school... - It all showed me how much kids need to be always showed and reminded that LIFE IS NOT ABOUT COMPETITION, BUT ABOUT SUPPORT ❤️

OneHorseLife KIDS, is our gift to all children and parents who are seeking a soulful inspiration for important talks and examples from the world of horses on how to deal with first days at school, meeting new friends, facing the failures and celebrating victories...

OneHorseLife KIDS is a subscription to video-channel with stories from me and my horses, showing great values of Life, such as: support, love, friendship, honesty and truth. 

OneHorseLife KIDS is dedicated to all kids, aged 1 to 100yo, with subtitles to allow you to read the story out-loud to your child and put in-between our lines all the things that our story will inspire you to tell your child to make it as much yours, yours and your child's, as possible.

Each month you will receive access to 4 videos of 5-15min length. Videos will vary, from showing the world as seen through the horses eyes, to Anna showing how to do simple things with horses listening to them and seeing how beautifully they guide us to know more, and to be better:

More supportive, honest, loving and free.


OneHorseLife KIDS is:

A subscription channel, with videos personally prepared by Anna & Pawel for you and your child (children).

All videos will be inspired by the HORSES, and will promote great values of Life: calmness, happiness, friendship, staying together, uniting groups and supporting every individual on our path. Each video will also hold a space for further interpretations, providing an occasion for you and your children to speak about important events in their lives, and to prepare them for what's ahead of them in the best possible way.

Each month Anna will publish 4 videos, each of 5-15 min length.

All videos will come with subtitles and especially prepared, calm and inspiring music.

You and your child will be able to watch the published videos as often as you wish, and as many times as you wish within the time of the active subscription. 

You will be able to watch the OneHorseLife KIDS videos on your computer, tablet, mobile and  on the TV.

You will have access to the video channel only for as long as your subscription stays active.

We will publish the first video on the 8th of October 2017.


OneHorseLife KIDS

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